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Date Released:  2015-01-02
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This is Brannon's first full-sex scene at ChaosMen, and I was not sure what to expect. He has done full sex scenes before, so I didn't know what I was up against.

He is a little more passive than I thought he would be, but that didn't stop Dorian from being a bossy bottom! Though once Brannon gets upright, he does just fine taking control and power fucking him!

Dorian starts by showing his oral skills, and you can tell Brannon is totally enjoying himself. There is some hot kissing, and eventually Brannon gives some head back. He is not nearly as accomplished as I had hoped, so next round, going to give him some lessons beforehand! ;-)

As I said, Brannon seemed passive, so Dorian climbs on top and milks his cock with his ass. Truly Dorian is an amazing bottom. Brannon seems amazed and is all smiles as Dorian works his cock with true skill.

These two look amazing together. They both have awesome bodies, their skin tones match beautifully! It is hard to tell where one ends the other begins!

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Dorian Ferro – bottoming
Dorian Ferro – bottoming
Dorian Ferro – sucking
Dorian Ferro – sucking