The #BBBH is a community of gay men built on the exchange of cum. It's an organic community that first got it's name in 2010, but has been in existance since men first started fucking. If you love cumming inside another guy's ass, or you love getting cum up your hole, then you're already a member of the brotherhood. Straight men who just need a hole to fuck are always welcome. #BBBH is about giving & taking loads, not about who you have a relationship with.

Plans For This Site

This domain was purchased in mid-December 2013 and is currently under development. When complete it will be a mobile-friendly hookup site. There will be a period of early registration (during the alpha/development period), but early registration won't be open until there is a core set of features for users to try out. For more info on the progress of development, check out the #BBBH Facebook page.

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