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Juicy Boys Goes Bareback & Changes Name To Bromo

December 02, 2015

Four hot naked guys with hard cocksA fourgy of hot guys sucking, fucking and teabagging
Three tops work over Johnny Rapid's holes
Vadim Black smiles as he inspects willing ass

You've probably heard about Juicy Boys. There are ads for it all over the place. Well, they've been playing with bareback stuff for a few months now, and they've finally figured out bareback is better (duh!) so they're going all bareback and in the process they're changing their name to

Mount BromoI'm guessing Bromo is a combination of Bro & Homo, but not sure. I suppose they could have named it after Mount Bromo – an active volcano in Indonesia (see pic right). I mean there will be a lot of mounting and eruptions, and the boys will be pretty, much like Mount Bromo. Either way, it's nice to have another quality bareback site. Honestly I don't think there will be many condom sites left in 3-5 years. I mean who wants to fuck with condoms? And who wants to watch porn with condoms?

Anyway, this scene features Johnny Rapid who is rather infamous for a number of reasons. For starters he's now been fucked by 100 guys – and those are just the ones in porn. Unfortunately most of that fucking was with condoms, but as you can see in this scene he's now ditching the condoms, getting gangbanged, double fucked, and taking loads.

But here's the rub - apparently he's "straight" / "gay for pay". Which would be laughable for a guy who's gotten fucked by 100 guys for everyone to see, and can get double fucked by tops with huge dicks, but his heterosexuality is actually documented in court papers. He was arrested his past January for assaulting his girlfriend when she refused to have a threesome with a 14 year old girl. So it seems he's bisexual, and a rather big mess.

Anyway, the tops are boring in comparison. But IMHO, they're hotter than Johnny (who's only sorta my type). The dark guy is Vadim Black (I'd love to fuck him). The guy with hair on his chest is Dennis West, and the big beefy muscle guy is Jake Wilder. And I gotta add, Jake's dick is stunning. Big, thick, with a mushroom head. You can see it in the last pic below.

Anyway, as you can see below all the guy's cum on his ass and then Jake works it into Johnny's hole. Hopefully the next 100 guys to fuck Johnny will breed him just as thoroughly!

If you're looking for another hot jock bareback site, checkout – it seems pretty hot!

Johnny Rapid getting double fucked bareback
Johnny Rapid getting double fucked bareback by two big cocks
Johnny Rapid gets an ass full of cum

Another Site Goes Bareback – Bulldog Pit

November 14, 2015

Pale white guy laying back enjoying a blowjob
Hairy little muscle bottom Sergi Rodriguez sitting on a big raw cockHairy, tattooed muscle cub bottom getting fucked bareback
Tattooed, hairy muscle bottom shares an intimate bareback fuck with a top

Bulldog Pit has always been one of those sites that I wish would go bareback. Ever since day 1 they've had a somewhat edgy vibe to them. Their vibe used to be very "street". And the guys would get pretty raunchy – they had some hot fisting scenes, etc. BUT they always wore rubbers. Well, now they're ditching the rubbers and going raw, but I'm not sure the guys are as edgy as they used to be. I mean they're still hot, but it just feels a little more "average" than it used to.

Take this scene for example… The top, Craig Daniel, has a wonderful cock – it's nice, big and thick. But other than that he's just the guy next door type. Completely unremarkable. He does have a scruffy/sleazy vibe to him though. I think his edginess would be more enhanced if he weren't filming in a mostly white overlit room. If the setting were a dark sleazy sex club somewhere I think it would be a lot hotter.

Then there's the bottom – Sergi Rodriguez. He just comes across as a hungry cumhole who can't get enough dick and cum. I love his muscle cub vibe. Although once I noticed that he shaves his arm that has the full sleeve tattoo it started bugging me. I mean he's hairy, and then he's got this one arm that is shaved. Yeah, the tattoo is really great, but I'm not sure what to think of the fact that he shaves his arm. Anyway, that's all just a distraction – he's a hot little muscle bottom who looks like a great fuck.

So head over to and check it out. All the new scenes will be bareback, and they've got a big library of stuff that's actually pretty hot if you can stand looking at condoms. I just hope they get back into their groove and shoot stuff that's a bit edgier than what you see here.

Hungry muscle bottom Sergi Rodriguez getting fucked barebackWhite top empties his load into a muscle bottom's ass
Top cums in a bottom's ass as the bottom blows his load on his hairy chest

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Load Collecting Cumdumps & Treasure Island…

November 06, 2015

Guys look on as BJ Slater fucks a gangbang bottom
5 guy orgy with guys sucking and fucking
Bottom about to take a huge cock bareback

Thank god for  Treasure Island… They have done more than any other company to really popularize the role of cumdump bottom. They showed it before it was popular when people thought it was a death sentence, and then showed that even hot guys (e.g. Dawson) are proud cumdumps. I know tons of bottoms who are cumdumps today because they saw cumdumps in action in Treasure Island's videos.

So it's only fitting that this scene from has a bottom (Jackson) taking loads from 3 tops. There's sexy black stud Kamrun (the black guy), BJ Slater (in the dark tank top), and Chad Brock.

Those three are an interesting range of guys. Kamrun is a total black stud. I don't think any bottom would say no to taking a load from his perfect black cock.

Then there's Chad who's just a slut. He actually jumps in and bottoms for a bit – though he does it in a friendly way where his dick is up Jackson while BJ is fucking his hole. So he didn't deny Jackson dick, and Jackson still got BJ's load. But taking a load from Chad means taking a load from all the guys who've fucked him over the years. It's sorta hot and sleazy.

But maxing out the sleazy scale IMHO is BJ Slater who, honestly, looks "rather poz". Yeah, he's probably undetectable and shooting blanks, but he just looks really toxic. There's something really hot about the visual of that. I mean I assume Jackson is poz, but he could pass for "clean" / neg. And there he is with a big 'ol AIDS daddy cock up his ass. THAT is what being a cumdump is all about. No condoms. No questions. No pulling out. No load refused – no matter how toxic you think it might be.

One of my buddies on Twitter (and in real life) recently tweeted that he's gotten into taking loads from guys who he's not into. The uglier/sleazier/nastier the top, the hotter the sex – at least for cumdumps.

And you may be wondering who the 5th guy is in the scene – the one in the lighter blue tank top. That's "Spunk". I assume he got his name from the saying "you are what you eat". He's the resident ATM machine (ass-to-mouth), and felcher. Thanks to service-oriented bottoms like him every dick and asshole is nice neat and clean when everything is done. I don't quite understand guys like him who love to be around scenes like this without being the bottom or one of the tops, but to each his own, right? And I gotta say, he's sorta cute!

So head over to, and support our community by buying a membership. I'm not sure what comes next in hot gay sex, but I'm sure TIM will be there pushing the envelope…

Jackson getting gangbanged by a group of tops
Hairy hole getting barebacked while he fucks another bottom
Wet dick pulling out of a cummy hole

Another Site Goes Bareback –

November 04, 2015

Two young gay guys kissingMischa Stone gets his cock worshipped
Skinny little twink on squats down to suck dickTeen bends over so his buddy can rim his ass
Little Mishca Stone raw fucks Tim LawSkinny little twink top loves the feeling of bareback fucking is a European twink site that's been around for a pretty long time, but up until recently it's always been a condom site. But that's changed and now about half the scenes are bareback. They're gonna see how those scenes do and if they do well enough to compensate for one distribution channel that only accepts condom porn, then the site may go fully bareback.

This particular scene features Mischa Stone who is that rare animal – the young, little top. I mean if you were were to look at him you'd think he was a bottom. He's probably 18 or 19, and young guys are usually bottoms. And he's, what, 5'4" (162 cm)? And short guys are usually bottoms. BUT, he's got a decent cock on him – bigger and thicker than what you'd expect on a little guy. AND he seems to like to use it ;)

The bottom is a young jock named Tim Law. He's just 18, so he completely conforms to the stereotype of teen = bottom. Personally I'd love to see him in some intergenerational porn getting fucked by guys in their upper 20s to mid-40s (and possibly even older). He totally fits the "little brother" persona and he'd make a great "boy" in a daddy/boy scene. As it is, I'm a little thrown off by seeing him get fucked by a little twink. But hey, it's still hot. I mean both of them are hot in their own way and who am I to say that people need to conform to stereotypes?

So head over to Spritzz and check out all the hot twinks. Now is the time to make them see that bareback content can really make money. If they do well with these scenes then they may go 100% raw – which would be excellent…

Young jock is hungry for raw dick
Hot jock bends over and lets a little twink fuck him rawTwo young guys kiss as htey fuck bareback

Twink Gets Fucked Raw At A Sex Bar @ Boy Banged

October 30, 2015

Slutty twink sucking on daddy dick at the barSlutty twink gets dominated by a top at a bar
Top grabs a twink's head and pulls it back
Twink gets fucked raw while sitting on a bar stoolTwink bends over and gets fucked by a smooth lean top

I wish NYC weren't so uptight about sex in bars. Some cities have full on sex bars where you can go, strip down, have a drink, and suck and fuck as much as you want. This scene on captures a bit of that scene.

One of my friends warned me to not promote this site. That I might not get paid. So honestly I can't recommend that you join the site, but at the same time the scene captured my imagination. I mean the fixed stools at the bar are a perfect height so a top can come up and slide into a bottom's hole. You can't do that with the big bar stools here in NYC…

And I love how young and impressionable the twink ("Daryl") seems. I'm guessing he's like a freshman in college – just getting his bearing on what it means to be out on his own and gay. And then some older (but thankfully not ugly) man ("Ali") takes advantage of his innocence and defiles him when Daryl checks out one of his local gay bars. If only we could see what comes next as guy after guy uses Daryl's hole for their own pleasure. That's the way to teach twinks the ways of the world!

If you like the general premise of older guys fucking young, impressionable twinks – then check out Boy Banged – that's sorta the primary theme of the site. And apparently it's all bareback. HOWEVER, I can't vouch for the site. As I mentioned a friend warned me about the owner of the site, and I can't say how many videos are on the site or how often it updates. Still, I gotta say I like the raunchiness of the videos…

Smooth top Ali fucking a twink at a bar
Twink bends over and gets fucked by a smooth lean topTwink with his face covered in cum