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Date Released:  2019-12-27
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I think I got Reese Arden back in the studio fairly quickly. This pint-sized dynamo is so much fun to be around that I tried to get him back as soon as possible.

He of course loves to bottom, and I thought Drew would be great with him.

Sure enough, they were glued to each other the moment they walked into the room. I was setting-up cameras, getting lights on, etc., and they were making-out and even sucking dick. I was like, "Can you guys just wait a minute, we will have to start all over!"

Of course, they didn't mind going back to kissing. In fact, there is a lot of kissing in this video.

Both of these guys know how to suck and fuck, and as usual when this happens, I just chased them around with the cameras, trying my best to keep up.

You might notice Reese has razor burn on his bum. A couple days before the shoot, he asked if he could shave it and I told him no, but he could use some trimmers to avoid red splotches. Instead, he used hair removal cream! Argggh! Live and learn. I am not even sure he knew how red his bootie was.

Drew didn't care, he just wanted to fuck the hell out of his new play toy.

This was Reese's first shoot and there was one other little mishap. I was down on the ground trying to get a close-up shot of Drew cumming. Drew was giving it all to him, when I could hear Reese's moaning was a bit louder than before. Apparently, he was trying cum along with Drew.

Drew turned to me on the ground and said, "Uh, he just came."

Thank goodness for multiple cameras or I would have missed it completely. I scrambled up to pan over the aftermath but Drew started to cum too.

Drew bred his boy, dumping a huge load. Reese drops to his knees, teasing Drew's cock with his tongue, before sucking the last bit of cum from his cock!

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