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Date Released:  2020-08-21
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Now these two really FUCK!

You'd think these guys had had many years of fucking, that it is a bit of a dance.

Aiden starts by sucking on Mitch's cock. Mitch then has Aiden flip around so he can lick and play with his hole. Eventually, he starts sucking on Aiden's cock.

Aiden then slides down Mitch's body, sitting on Mitch's giant cock.

And then he spins around on it and I love watching them fuck in this position.

They end with a doggie-style position. Mitch slowly fucking him until he makes the cum shoot out of Aiden, making it rain down on us!

Mitch then blasts Aiden's hole with his own load, then licks it up, sharing a cum-soaked kiss with Aiden!

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