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Date Released:  2021-05-21
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I had another 'issue' with the models starting to play before I even had the cameras rolling.

And it started long before we got to the studio.

Because of the Texas ice storm, I didn't have running water. So, the models arrived, and I took them to their hotel rooms for a quick shower and prep. Apparently, Kyle popped into Jake's room and got a taste test of Jake's cock.

The flirting on the drive up to the studio was intense.This video begins with Kyle already sucking Jake. While trying to get the lights and cameras rolling, they had started making out and Kyle already had Jake's dick in his mouth!

I don't think I have ever seen Kyle so cock crazy before!

This was giving Jake a lot of energy, and he loved having a dude so willing to suck and take his cock.There is some really good chemistry and energy in this video, with two amazing cum shots!

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