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Date Released:  2021-11-12
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Bryce Hart and Jack Andy are back at it again after Bryce's hot "Edge" video!

We find Bryce and Jack shirtless and making out on the bed, but it doesn't take long for them to peel off their shorts and get down to business.

Jack lays against the headboard as Bryce gets to work throating Jack's massive 9" cock. It's obvious that Bryce is a cocksucking expert - he worships Jack's dick with his mouth and hands, nearly taking the entire thing down his throat.

Jack returns the favor as Bryce lays back. Jack swallows Bryce's dick, fingering Bryce's hole at the same time. It's obvious that Bryce is loving every second of it as he throws his head back and moans.

Bryce gets into doggystyle position, giving Jack full access to his ass. Jack wastes no time and gets right into tongue-fucking and lubricating Bryce's hole, getting it ready to take every inch of Jack's cock. Bryce reaches back and spreads his cheeks with both hands.

Once Jack is sure Bryce's hole is relaxed enough, Jack gets up on his knees and slides his dick in balls-deep. The look on Bryce's face is one of surprise and delight as Jack begins railing his hole.

Jack lays on his back on the bed and Bryce climbs up into a cowboy position, adds a little lube to Jack's cock, and then takes it balls-deep again. Clearly Bryce loves taking it deep and doesn't want to waste a moment. Jack is quickly back up to speed, jack-hammering Bryce's hole as Bryce bounces on his dick and spreading Bryce's cheeks so he can slide every inch in.

Bryce climbs off Jack's cock and slides it back into his mouth for a little ass-to-mouth action before it's Bryce's turn to lay on the bed as Jack pounds his hole missionary-style. Jack jerks Bryce's cock before the two share a kiss as Jack drills deeper and deeper into his ass.

Bryce is practically begging Jack to cum as Jack pulls out and shoots his load all over Bryce's cock and balls. Jack shoves his dick back into Bryce's ass and delivers the last few shots directly into Bryce's stomach as the two share another kiss.

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