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Date Released:  2022-03-18
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Chad Taylor's Edge video with Jake Alexander really got Chad in the mood to do some fucking, and Jake was happy to oblige!

We find Chad and Jake making out on the bed before Jake peels off Chad's underwear and immediately gets to work on Chad's dick. It's not long before Chad is fully-erect and moaning with pleasure.

Chad is familiar with Jake's excellent cocksucking skills, and this time he gets to enjoy them with his eyes open. Again, it's not long before Jake has Chad on the edge again... but this is a RAW video, so we can't have Chad busting his nut too quickly!

To simmer things down a bit, we get Chad to flip Jake over and return the favor. Surprisingly, Chad isn't half-bad at sucking dick himself! We can tell by the look on his face that Jake is surprised at how quickly his dick responds to Chad's sucking and stroking. Jake smiles as he watches this straight boy working his dick, then throws his head back and allows himself to enjoy it.

Chad moves down and starts licking and sucking on Jake's balls, which Jake appears to enjoy thoroughly. Jake gently thrusts up into Chad's mouth - Jake has a pretty big, thick cock, so he doesn't want to overwhelm Chad. Chad might not want to admit it, but he seems to be enjoying himself.

Chad's ready to move things along, so Jake gets onto all-fours at the edge of the bed as Chad gets to work devouring Jake's tight hole. Chad plunges his face deep between Jake's cheek, lubricating Jake's hole and getting it ready for Chad's cock. Jake loves the attention and encourages Chad to jiggle and slap his plump booty.

Chad adds a bit of lubricant to his dick and effortlessly plunges it deep into Jake's ass. Chad's up to speed in no time. Jake continues to encourage Chad to slap his ass - clearly Jake is into it!

Chad climbs up on to the bed so Jake can ride his dick cowboy-style. Chad supports Jake as he fucks up into Jake's ass. The two kiss and Jake takes over, bouncing and grinding on Chad's cock as the two make out some more.

Jake leaps off and lays on his back on the bed as Chad plunges back into Jake's hole. Chad power-fucks Jake all the way up to climax, pulling out and shooting his load all the way up to Jake's neck, chest, and stomach before sliding back into Jake's hole to fire off the last few shots of cum.

Jake blasts his own load as Chad fucks deep into his ass. Chad grabs Jake's cock and squeezes out the last few drops of cum as Jake quivers with pleasure.

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