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Date Released:  2022-05-20
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We find Amone Bane and Tony Salas making out passionately on the bed in white bathrobes. Tony is quick to start reaching for Amone's cock, which is already rock-hard.

Tony leans forward and starts throating Amone's dick. Amone reaches back and grips Tony's furry ass as he watches Tony worship his cock.

Tony leans back against the bed so that Amone can return the favor. Amone begins sucking and stroking Tony's dick as Tony watches.

Amone stands at the side of the bed and strips away his bathrobe as Tony moves in to position to continue throating Amone's fat dick. Amone playfully reaches forward and slaps Tony's ass.

Tony flips over onto all-fours, giving Amone total access to his hairy hole. Amone lubes tony's ass up with some spit, preparing it for his cock. The camera moves underneath as we watch Amone plunge his dick deep into Tony's hungry hole.

Amone mercilessly plows into Tony's ass, going balls-deep as Tony remarks on how big it is. As Amone fucks Tony's hole, Tony leans up and watches as a significant amount of precum dribbles out of Tony's cock. Tony tastes a sample, then flips onto his back.

Amone plunges back into Tony's hole as Tony strokes his own cock. Amone picks up the pace and Tony blasts his load all over his stomach. Amone pulls out and begins to stroke his own cock as Tony reaches forward to play with Amone's balls, encouraging him to cum.

Amone's muscles tense as he fires his load all over Tony's ass, taint, and balls. Tony rubs it in with his fingers, then tastes a sample as Amone works his cock back into Tony's hole. The two share a kiss before Tony flips over to taste himself on Amone's cock.

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