STORY: Halloween SpecialCHAPTER 1: Little Survivors, Big Inspectors @

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Date Released:  2020-10-21
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As the doctors inspected the young men, checking their bodies, poking their holes, and feeling their genitals, the boys realized they were completely at their mercy: helpless and vulnerable. They had little choice but to put their trust in the doctors, agreeing to do what they said and enduring their pokes and prods. After all, what was the alternative?

As the exam continued, they turned around, placing their arms on the exam table and presenting their asses for the doctors to inspect. Their cheeks were spread, their holes fingered and teased, and their prostates poked and massaged.

They didn't know if they were supposed to like it, but they felt their cocks get harder with each insertion. Precum dripped from the tips of their shafts, and soft moans began to fill the small, enclosed space.

For the boys, it was hard to separate their own desires with the circumstances of the moment. They were each being fondled and fingered by two tall, dominant men, towering over them and manipulating their genitals. It was clear they were each at least a foot taller than them and clearly interested in arousing a sexual response...

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