STORY: KaiCHAPTER 4: Dr. Wolf's Kitchen @

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Date Released:  2021-08-25
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Dr. Wolf and I have got quite a thing going on. He likes little guys like me and I like big older men like him. He often invites me back to his house and I regularly stay the night.

I went into the kitchen this morning to sort breakfast, but as I opened the fridge door, I could feel his warm arms around my chest, pulling me into him.

We started feeling each other up. Before long we were kissing and he had his hand down my shorts, feeling my rapidly swelling dick.

We got naked pretty quick and he had me leaning over the workstation in the middle of his kitchen. Within seconds he was pushing himself into me. It always takes a few attempts to find the right angle, but we get there in the end. And once he's in, I never want him to stop!

He picked me up and put me on the counter, spreading my legs really wide so that he could do me from the front. The work station is the perfect height for banging and he was going real hard, literally slamming himself into me. His thighs were slapping against the tops of mine, making a rhythmic crack. It was so intense.

Seconds later, his entire body was convulsing and his beautiful juices were gushing into me. Even though he'd shot, he just kept thrusting until the cum was blasting out of my dick!

He smiled that wicked, sexy smile of his, and pulled out. I could hear a great splat of semen hitting the kitchen floor.

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