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Date Released:  2021-10-06
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As Marcus works his way around the gym equipment, he does his best to intuitively use the equipment as he sees fit, not always knowing the best form to follow. Luckily, his good friend, Dr. Wolf, happens to be starting a workout at the same time and is happy to show him a few pointers.

Dr. Wolf smiles as he sees Marcus following his advice, putting his body into proper position and really feeling the burn of the exercises he's put through. Marcus laughs and says that Wolf's way is harder, but seeing the tall, fit daddy, he knows he's very familiar with putting on muscle.

As Marcus follows Wolf's guidance and gets down on the bench, he can't help but look up at the massive bulge between his legs. Seeing this temptation gets the better of the young man and his motivation for exercise quickly pivots to something a little steamier. With nobody around and Dr. Wolf clearly getting aroused, the two take advantage of their increased heart rates and sweaty bodies.

The horny giant pulls off his shorts, letting his monster member hang free between his legs. It's so wide, long, and rigid, it could practically be a third leg. Marcus gets down on the ground to look up at it, loving the feeling of being beneath the older man's cock. He looks up as he takes it in his mouth, struggling to bring it to the back of his throat.

Leaning back on the weight bench, Dr. Wolf keeps himself still as Marcus moves into position to take his bare cock. With Wolf's legs spread wide, Marcus stands up against his cock, feeling it prop him up like it could take his entire weight. Instead, Marcus gingerly coaxes his hole up onto the rigid knob, taking it into his hole slowly and steadily.

The older man lets out a soft, satisfied moan as he sees Marcus expertly engulf his cock. It's not easy for most, regardless of size, and this little guy takes it like a champ. Marcus controls the pace of the action, moving himself up and down as he sees fit, working Dr. Wolf's cock deep into his gut. That is until the older man's dominant energy rises to the surface, bouncing Marcus up and down like a little toy on the end of his cock...

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