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Date Released:  2021-10-20
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The world is torn apart by a virus. A community of rescued survivors is set up to test treatments in the hope of finding a cure. Austin, a cute, short young boy within the community, is examined by scientists in protective clothing. They know the virus is transmitted via bodily fluids, so bodily fluids must be exchanged to test the efficacy of the treatment.

Inspectors Dietrich and Steele are tall, hung, older men. They push a nervous Austin onto the examination table and seductively massage oil into his hairless torso, their latex gloved-hands sliding over his body. Austin shivers excitedly.

The protective clothing is carefully removed and, within seconds, Inspector Dietrich is pushing his giant dick into the young boy's hairless hole. He grinds his pelvis and thrusts deep into a groaning Austin's tight, twink ass.

Dietrich climbs onto the table and bangs the boy hard and fast, glancing over at Inspector Steele with an arrogant look which seems to say, "I bet you can't do him this hard..."

Challenge on. Dietrich pulls out and Steele takes over, standing by the side of the table, brutally thrusting his mega-meat into the helpless, horned-up boy.

It's Dietrich's turn again. Austin's hole has opened up and Dietrich can now slam into him real hard. The sensation is incredible. He can't hold it any longer and he shoots hard and deep into the boy's ass.

He pulls his dick out and shakes it. Beads of cum spray everywhere.

Steele pushes his pole into Austin's well-used, sloppy hole and cums immediately. Austin can feel the DILF's dick pulsating deep inside him as squirt after squirt of man juice is released.

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