STORY: Our Family BondsTAPE #2: Breeding My Grandson @

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Date Released:  2021-09-01
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The longer we stayed at the Forbidden Hotel, the more I felt myself wanting grandpa. I guess we started to behave like proper lovers.

This morning, after my shower, I walked into the bedroom and I could see grandpa there on the bed. Literally all I wanted to do was kiss him. I love how he kisses.

Within seconds, he was on top of me, between my legs, licking and kissing my body, both of us naked but for our jocks.

Then he rocked my body back, got his tongue deep into my hole and pulled my balls out of my jock so that he could alternate between sucking them and tonguing my ass.

Minutes later, I was gritting my teeth as he pushed himself deep and raw, into me. The strokes were really slow to begin with, but got faster and faster. His face was almost contorted with ecstasy. I just wanted to please him. I wanted to do whatever made him happiest.

He turned me over and I felt my body going limp as he started to pound me. Before long, I was pushing back so that I could feel as much of him inside me as possible. He was groaning and grunting. It was almost animalistic.

He came inside me. I could feel the squirts blasting deep in my guts. That's the seed that made my Dad!

He pulled out for a moment and played with the wetness around my ass, but then pushed himself straight back inside me and we kissed so passionately and meaningfully. I love my grandpa and I know now that he loves me too.

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