STORY: Breeding My Boy's Little HoleTAPE #11: Forbidden Boy Hotel @

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Date Released:  2021-09-29
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Entering into a sexual relationship with my son, Ian, was exciting, but the intensity of our affair often left me feeling guilty. More than anything, I felt bad about neglecting my other son, Blake. The more I thought about Blake, however, the more I realized I needed to breed him!

When I asked if he'd like to come away with me for some dad-son bonding, he seemed pretty excited.

We arrived at the hotel, where we immediately bathed and got into fluffy white robes. Then we sat on the bed, cuddling.

The first kiss with anyone is always profound and this one felt particularly amazing.

I got him out of his robe so I could rub my hands across his smooth body and within minutes he was sucking me.

My dick started to pulsate, so I got him onto his front and used my tongue to make him good and wet and before I knew it, I was pushing myself into him...

He gasped and moaned. It was particularly arousing to know I was pushing my boy to the brink of both agony and ecstasy. I was amazed by how fast he could take me - and how deep I was able to get.

I turned him onto his back, and fucked him from the side, so I could look at his face all twisted in the excitement of becoming a man.

Then I got him on the end of the bed so I could really let him have it. He was shaking uncontrollably and grabbing at the sheets on the bed, mouth wide open.

I pulled out and shot all over his smooth white ass before shoving my dick back into him so he could feel his daddy's spunk inside him for the first, and, I hope, not the last time!

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