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Date Released:  2021-10-13
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I was quite surprised when Grandpa Ballard invited me for a weekend away. I was even more surprised when he offered to massage me. And when that massage turned sexual and I ended up with a mouthful of his creamy spunk... well that just blew my mind!

Later in the evening, he was lying on the bed and I had a sudden urge to cuddle up next to him. He took his glasses off and put his arm protectively around me before leaning in for a kiss.

He was an amazing kisser. He smelt so good.I just sank into him, heart pounding, desperate to see how far we were going to go this time...

He told me to get on my back and I wondered if he wanted to fuck me. Then he fixed me with a stare which told me everything I needed to know: He wanted me and he was gonna have me.

I smiled at him and guided his cock towards my hole. Seconds later he started to push and I could feel it creeping into me. It was, without any doubt, the most intense experience of my life.

He dragged me back on the bed. The change of position enabled him to bone me a great deal harder and faster. I kept looking up at him and seeing a wild animal. He was no longer my Grandpa. He was a guy whose dick had taken over.

He turned me onto my front and pushed into me again from behind, grabbing the waistband of my jock strap and thrusting into me with brutal force.

He pulled out and started yelling. Moments later I could feel his sticky semen dripping onto my ass cheeks. Then he slowly pushed his dick back into my crack so that the last few squirts of his carnal pleasure could enter me.

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