Ivan Mattel & Brogan Reed BAREBACK in St. Louis @

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Date Released:  2019-12-18
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Ivan Mattel is a beautiful supermodel. With his high cheekbones, narrow waist, and feminine features, he's absolutely captivating both in-person and on-camera. It's no wonder that the scruffy, masculine Brogan Reed is stunned by his good looks and tall, lean body.

As the two roll around in bed, Ivan grips Brogan's cock with his delicate hands, feeling its power and thickness contrast with his slender digits. Brogan loves feeling like the big man in bed, and Ivan knows just how to give him what he needs.

When Ivan presents his smooth, soft ass to the muscular top, Brogan devours his backside, running his hungry tongue between his cheeks and getting it wet for his raw meat.

Once Brogan gets inside, he pounds away at Ivan's body like he's his own, beautiful, living sex doll. Ivan's insides are worked into a frenzy from Brogan's breeding, making him moan for more of the big man's raw cock!

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