Sean Duran & Spencer Daley BAREBACK in Charlotte Chapter 2 @

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Date Released:  2020-01-02
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The tattooed daddy loves Spencer's smooth, milky skin. Even as Spencer places himself between his legs and worships his manhood, Sean can't resist running one of his broad hands over the cocksucker's neck and back.

Spencer inhales Sean's manly musk as he swallows his cock, desperate to take more of him inside. Sean wants to sit back and relax, but his dominant instincts kick in as he grabs at Spencer's face, holding him down on his cock and making him choke on each alpha inch.

Sean then buries his face in Spencer's smooth ass, licking his pink hole again and again with his expert tongue. Spencer's toes curl with each lap at this delicate backside.

Spencer's round, meaty cheeks are more than the aggressive top can resist, prompting him to slide his raw cock deep inside, and fucking Spencer hard as his claims his insides for himself! Sean's body was made to breed and Spencer eagerly anticipates feeling his guts get flooded with Sean's seed!

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