Nick Ford & Cade Maddox BAREBACK in Chicago @

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Date Released:  2020-05-06
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Cade Maddox is used to being worshipped and adored. And when you look like him, it's hard to find a man who's anywhere near your equal! Nick Ford, however, is hot enough to make the stunning muscle god blush with excitement. It's as if the two men are statues made of marble, perfectly sculpted works of art; smooth all over, and in peak physical strength...

Lying in bed together, Nick is quick to get his hands full of Cade's massive, monster cock; feeling the veiny beast throb in his tight grip! Cade leans back as his friend rests his head on his six pack, working hard to swallow each girthy inch of his manhood. Nick is a champ, sucking Cade's cock, earning him the prize of a world-class bareback fuck!

Tossing Nick on his back, Cade devours his smooth muscular ass, getting it ready for his huge piece. And as Cade slides it inside, Nick's eyes roll back in his head, filled with the beautiful Adonis. Cade's bareback fuck is unlike anything else, forcing precum to leak from NIck's cock as he feels his insides get pummeled!

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