Seamus O'Reilly & Brogan Reed BAREBACK in Nashville Chapter 2 @

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Date Released:  2020-06-03
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Brogan runs his hands over Seamus' body, grabbing at his fiery, furry chest. He loves feeling the smaller guy on top of him, kissing him deeply as his cock grows in his underwear. The ginger stud may have the hair, but Brogan has the muscle that Seamus can't resist!

Seamus is hungry for Brogan's big, smooth, bubble butt; putting the tan bro on his stomach to devour his smooth, tight hole. He ravenously laps at Brogan's sphincter, spreading the massive, globular cheeks apart to bury his face in between. Seamus could stay with his face planted firmly on his fuck hole for hours, but his need to breed is insatiable.

With his hole well-slicked, Seamus plunges his thick cock into Brogan's tight ass, watching it split to take his girth. Brogan moans as he feels it penetrate his guts, but the big guy is sturdy enough to take it, no matter how rough Seamus can give it!

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