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Date Released:  2021-07-14
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Jason Spark's sexy American road trip stops off in Georgia pairing relative newcomer, Julian Waits with first timer, Tad Tyler. Tad's a handsome guy with come-to-bed eyes and a long, long cock!

Tad pulls Julian into him and they kiss passionately and sensuously. Tad may be new to porn, but he's clearly an experienced lover!

Now naked, Tad sits on the edge of the bed and moans appreciatively as Julian slowly sucks him, wrapping his lips around Tad's swelling dick and taking it deep down into his throat.

Before long, Julian is lying on the bed with Tad between his legs. It's Julian's turn to be pleasured and Tad keenly obliges, wrapping his fist tightly around the red head's cock as he sucks him.

Before long, Julian is squatting on the bed. Tad licks and caresses the bottom boy's tight, expectant hole.

Tad pushes Julian down onto the bed and unceremoniously shoves himself inside from behind, immediately starting to thrust at almost bewildering speed. He whispers in Julian's ear, telling him how good his ass feels, before hammering him, balls deep, with that long, sexy cock.

Julian gets onto his back on the edge of the bed and holds his legs apart. Tad stands, and fucks him with increasing intensity and speed. He slows down, builds the pace, slows down again, then goes full tilt, hammering the redhead, machine-like and balls deep.

Tad suddenly pulls out. He yells and explodes before letting his sticky cream drip all over Julian's stomach and cock.

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