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Date Released:  2021-10-20
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Apprentice Ryan's body shook like a leaf as he bent over the bench. He felt Grandmaster Angus' big, hairy hands on his worn out ass, caressing him and soothing him as he stared down at the objects of his atonement.

Grandmaster Angus had to give him his punishment. As he awaited his fate, Ryan took the time to catch his breath, steeling himself Angus' plans, even allowing himself to find pleasure in the soft touches to his ass.

Ryan felt a warm tongue on his hole, a much needed salve on his weary insides. He let out soft moans, grateful for the gentle massage and relaxation. He wanted to look back, but he was told to keep his eyes forward and his hands on the bench, locking himself in place for what was to come.

The young man didn't know how much further he would go, but suddenly and without warning, he felt something slip into his searing hot hole.

The bare cock slid inside him with a single thrust, not hesitating or stopping. Apprentice Ryan was well warmed up enough to handle the older man's member, his hole loose enough to breed but still tight enough to grip.

Bishop Angus took his hands around Ryan's neck, holding him in place with a firm grip without choking him. Though, as Angus' breeding thrusts increased in pace and intensity, the burly man's grip occasionally tightened, giving Ryan a thrilling feeling of submission and powerlessness.

Bishop Angus felt himself approaching climax. As he did, he squeezed Ryan's neck a little tighter. The excitement was enough to send bursts of energy to his loins, causing a chain reaction that led to the eruption of his prostate. Jets of hot, white cum sprung from his cock, filling up the apprentice's hole as he struggled to stay upright and still.

Ryan breathed deep, feeling the milky load swirling in his guts, stirred up by Angus' declining erection, moving deeper in his body. Ryan couldn't believe he could take it after all he'd endured, but he was proud of himself for hold out until the end...

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