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Date Released:  2021-03-03
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Austin and Ian stepped away from camp, finding an opening not far off where they could become better acquainted. Beneath the rustling tree leaves and in the warm, afternoon sun, the two moved in close to one another, anxiously and eagerly pressing their lips together.

Ian's eyes went wide, amazed by how hot Austin looked in nothing more than his white briefs. He took off his own shirt and shorts, pulling out his throbbing cock. Austin wasted no time in leaning in to fill his mouth with the boy's erection, desperate to feel it run along his tongue to the back of his throat.

Ian's mouth stood agape, breathing heavily as the warm, wet sensation massaged his manhood, feeling better than he'd ever thought it could. He knew their time alone wasn't long, but he tried not to get distracted. All he wanted was to feel the young scout's mouth swallowing his shaft before he opened his hole to Austin's throbbing, hard cock.

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