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Date Released:  2020-08-28
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These two decided to flip fuck. You can decide who is better at which position.
< br />They start by making out, grinding their hard cocks together. Zeno moves down Daniel's body and starts sucking his cock. Daniel then pushes Zeno on to his back and starts sucking his cock.
< br />They 69 suck each other, both trying deep throat each other.
< br />Daniel gets Zeno doggie-style and slowly slides his big cock in. Zeno has no troubles taking it, and it I shot watching Zeno's ass cheeks wobble with the pounding.
< br />They switch it up, Daniel on his back, while Zeno fucks him. It takes Daniel a bit to accommodate Zeno's cock, but once he is settled, Zeno really give it to him. I think Zeno kind of came inside of Daniel.
< br />They flip positions, and you can see Zeno's cock start to wilt. Ooops!
< br />So, Daniel continues on fucking Zeno, who encouraged Daniel to bust. He shoots his load, splattering Zeno's hole.
< br />Daniel then makes Zeno clean his cock, Zeno looking very spent!

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