Tag/Concept: Uncircumcised

Men who have not been circumcised and still have their foreskin.

Sub Types
Usually Involves
Phrases w/ Same Meaning
  • uncut (singular)
  • uncut cock
  • uncut dick
  • uncut dicks
  • Uncut Guys
  • Cock - Uncut
Tops Take Turns On Sumrok's Hungry Hole
5:10, 157K views,
49 ratings, 👍 >100%

BBBH: Spit is more than enough to shove all that meat into that smooth, eager hole. It’ll be everything but tight once they’re done. ;)

Hernan And Marco Break In New Sofa
5:00, 24K views,
3 ratings, 👍 17%
Latin Boy Gets Two Daddy Cocks
5:10, 212K views,
66 ratings, 👍 >100%

BBBH: That bottom can’t get enough of his papi’s big, latino dick inside him. He wants it raw and wants it harder. ;)

German Bareback Orgy
5:00, 38K views,
8 ratings, 👍 75%
Poz Bottom Gets Ass Full Of cum
3:36, 247K views,
58 ratings, 👍 >100%

BBBH: Bottoms - Would you prefer to ride an uncut dick over a circumcised one?

Eduardo And Deivis Make Out Then Fuck
5:00, 21K views,
3 ratings, 👍 17%
The cock Whores Can't Get Enough Dick
5:10, 33K views,
11 ratings, 👍 100%

BBBH: With a dick that thick and large, how could that bottom give up the chance to have that latino papi fucking him raw? ;)

Second Part Of Ronny And Jan
5:00, 18K views,
3 ratings, 👍 17%
Rich's Black Gangbang
5:10, 60K views,
30 ratings, 👍 100%

BBBH: That hairy top is hot as fuck! Would definitely love to ride him (Adam Avery) and get all of his load in. ;)

Emanuel And Damian Got Huge Uncut Dicks
5:00, 20K views,
1 ratings, 👍 50%
Paul Abuses Ben's Hole
4:04, 85K views,
37 ratings, 👍 100%

BBBH: Fuck! Just look at that fat prick! Bet you bottoms would beg for a ride like that. Big, thick, uncut and raw. Fuck yeah!

Found His Roomate Jerking Off And Bred Him
5:00, 22K views,
4 ratings, 👍 75%

BBBH: Can’t get enough big, uncut latino cock? Neither can their bottoms, just look at that daddy take all that shaft. Woof!

BBBH: Feel like adding some spice to your barebacking? There’s always space to breed outdoors, in broad daylight. ;)

BBBH: All bottoms lust for big dicks. This bottom has a big, uncut dick to play with and one more to fuck him up the ass. Hot as fuck. ;)

BBBH: Just imagine walking into your room to this. What would you do to that sexy, bubble butt? ;)

BBBH: Bottoms - Gotta love that uncut meat, hm? Any foreskin lovers in here?

BBBH: What better way to finish a chubby bottom than filling their holes with hot cream? Chubs love creampies ;)

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BBBH: Fuck! If I had to ride a top, his dick better be as thick and fat as this daddy’s uncut pole ;)

BBBH: After such a wild, hot ride, the bottom deserves an extra treat ;)

BBBH: Latino hunks fuck passionately, making any bottom squirm in bliss while fucking ;)

BBBH: Bottoms - How do you like your loads, served in or out? I prefer to pump them in ;)

BBBH: Waste of a load, should’ve fucked it in while still pounding that sexy, hairy ass ;)