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Date Released:  2020-09-18
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I got Roman back pretty quickly to do a couple sex films.

Roman said he liked rough sex and also some bondage. I figured I would set him up with one of the best! Vander loves to be dominated, and his ass ends up being an indicator of just how rough their encounter was.

Roman does dominate him, several times trapping his arms as he pounds his huge cock into Vander.

But Vander's ass is bright red from all the wicked spanks! With each spank, Vander was really enjoying himself.

Roman blows his load onto Vander's hole, then slides his cock in, dumping most of it deep inside of Vander.

After having his hole filled with jizz, Vander is triggered into busting his own nut. Roman fucks his cum deep inside, while Vander busts a huge load onto his stomach!

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Vander Pulaski – bottoming
Vander Pulaski – bottoming
Roman Laurent – topping
Roman Laurent – topping