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Date Released:  2021-01-08
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This was the first time I had seen Chad Taylor in full-action and he was amazing! In large part because Zeno really had chemistry with him.

Chad had done an oral video with ChaosMen, and I don't think he sucked back. I was a little concerned he would not be into the scene. I am so glad I was wrong!

Zeno and Chad kissed and sparks really ignited! Zeno had some good verbal going, and it seemed to push Chad into upping his game.

He sucked dick, kissed, rimmed, and just blew me away with his energy!

Zeno coached him at the end, letting him know just what speed and intensity he wanted to be fucked in. Zeno blast a huge load while Chad fucks him juuuust right!

Chad then creampies Zeno's hole, leaving them both gasping for air!

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