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Date Released:  2021-10-06
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Luke Geer and Simon Best start by making out on the sofa. Simon peels away Luke's clothes to reveal a tight set of multi-color camo underwear, and begins to tease Luke's cock.

Luke decides he's had enough teasing and pulls off his undies to reveal his hard, uncut cock. Simon gets right to work sucking and throating Luke's dick before Luke starts throat-fucking him and pushing Simon's head deeper and deeper down onto his shaft.

Luke returns the favor, expertly sucking Simon's dick as Simon throws his head back in ecstasy.

Simon leans over the arm of the sofa and gives Luke access to his ass. Luke glides his dick slowly into Simon's hole, then pounds deeper and harder.

Luke sits back on the sofa and Simon mounts him reverse-cowboy style. Simon bounces on Luke's dick, pausing briefly to lean back and kiss before continuing to ride Luke's dick while Simon continues to play with his own cock.

As the two approach climax, Simon lays on his back on the sofa and Luke continues to plow into his hole. Simon busts a huge nut all over his stomach, and then Luke pulls out and adds his load to the mix.

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