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Date Released:  2021-10-18
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Ted Glen loves an older daddy type, and Eric Lenn is happy to be of service.

The two start making out on the sofa before Ted pulls off Eric's shirt, revealing his hairy "dadbod".

The two peel away the rest of their clothes before Ted leans over and starts sucking Eric's cock, paying close attention to Eric's fat mushroom head.

Eric returns the favor as Ted leans against the back of the sofa. You can tell Ted is loving it as he places his hand on the back of Eric's head to help Eric take more of his shaft.

Ted gets on all-fours and Eric slides his dick deep into Ted's tight hole. Eric lifts a leg onto the sofa and gives us a great view of him pounding deep into Ted's ass.

Eric sits against the back of the sofa and Ted climbs up into a reverse cowboy position. Ted bounces on Eric's daddy dick, swallowing more and more of Eric's cock with his hungry hole.

Ted lays on the sofa and Eric crawls behind him into a spoon-fucking position. Ted lifts a leg up and Eric presses his dick into Ted's ass. Ted shoots a thick load on his thigh before Eric pulls out and cums all over Ted's balls.

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