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Date Released:  2022-04-22
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We discover Adrian Rose and Christian Ryder kissing and exploring each other on the bed. The two peel away their shorts, exposing their rock-hard cocks.

Christian leans forward and swallows Adrian's cock. Adrian presses down on the back of Christian's head, helping Christian to take it all the way down his throat.

Adrian returns the favor with enthusiasm, quickly taking all of Christian's thick Twink cock balls-deep, gagging and slobbering all over Christian's dick.

Christian lays on the bed and Adrian helps himself to Christian's ass, tongue-fucking his hole until Adrian is satisfied that it's sufficiently lubed-up for his uncut cock. Adrian slides deep into Christian's ass as Christian moans with pleasure.

Adrian pounds Christian's hole relentlessly before Christian moves into a missionary position. Adrian slides back in as Christian strokes his own cock.

Christian fires off his thick load as Adrian plunges deeper. Adrian pulls out and adds his cum to the mix before leaning in for a kiss.

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