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Date Released:  2021-06-02
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Lying on the edge of the bed with his face up, Spencer hangs his head back and opens his throat for Logan's thick alpha shaft. It's a massive, meaty shaft that fills his mouth before pushing his tongue down and dominating his neck.

Spencer tries his best not to gag, but he can only take so much before his instincts to fight kick in. Logan is there to help, though. He holds his hands down, keeping him locked in a receptive position while he pumps his breeding stick between his lips and down his throat. Logan loves how it feels. Seeing Spencer's smooth body writhe to take him is exquisite.

Spencer loves getting used, but when his wet mouth needs a well-earned break, the only thing he can think about is Logan's perfectly smooth, round, muscle bubble butt. The man never skips a day in the gym to do squats, and it provides a juicy mouthful for Spencer to devour.

With Logan on all fours, arching his strong back to feed Spencer his hole, the blonde ginger makes a meal of his partner's ass, grabbing it on the sides and pulling it close to his tongue. Logan does all he can to jiggle it in his mouth, pushing it back to make sure Spencer is never without a full serving of muscle butt.

Logan's manhood is still hard and leaking pre-cum, from his throat stretching, and with every lap of Spencer's tongue, he feels himself needing to breed him all the more. Spencer is happy to give his mouth a break, but he can tell that Logan is not going easy on him with his bareback penetration.

Logan can't get enough of Spencer's body, and the way it feels wrapped around his tool drives him absolutely wild. He pounds into his milky white flesh, forcing his shaft deep into the pink of Spencer's hole. The hot, intense thrusting brings sweat to Spencer's brow, but Logan can read his mind (and ass) and see that he's not to stop no matter what! At least not until Spencer's insides and outside are coating with his amazing load!

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