Tag/Concept: Blonds

A guy with fair hair

Broader Concept
Usually Involves
Phrases w/ Same Meaning
  • blond (singular)
  • blonde guy
  • Hair - Blond

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BBBH: Sleepover with your mates, could the night get any better?

BBBH: Wouldn’t you love to join them? Looks fun, no?

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BBBH: Denis Reed is one fuckin’ hot top! Even I would bottom for him :)

BBBH: Denis Reed is one fuckin’ hot top! Even I would bottom for him :)

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BBBH: Should bottoms jack off and cum while getting fucked or is it too distracting?

BBBH: Choking while fucking? Hot or not? I never seem to be in the right position to pull it off.

BBBH: Happiness is a good, hot, bb, fuck buddy!

BBBH: Happiness is a good, hot, bb, fuck buddy!