STORY: Scout MaxxCHAPTER 2: Back to Basecamp @

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Date Released:  2021-07-21
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I was pretty excited when Scoutmaster Knox suggested we hike out into the woods. Just the two of us.

We pitched our tent by a lake. The temperatures were dropping, but he showed me how to turn our sleeping bags into one giant sleeping bag. He said we'd be able to keep each other warm.

We got into the sleeping bag and he immediately pulled himself into my back. I was surprised when he started running his hands over my shoulders. Then it got really intense. His hands were all over me and I could feel him kissing my neck.

He pushed me onto my back and pressed his lips against mine. His rough stubble felt like sandpaper on my cheek. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and was grinding his whole body against mine as we made out.

He pulled my boxers off and started to suck me. And let me tell you, I have never felt anything like that in my whole life before! Dirty thoughts started rushing through my head.

We kissed again and he started grinding into me so that my rock hard dick ran up and down the crack between his ass cheeks.

Seconds later I felt the tip of my dick entering him. And then suddenly it was happening. I was deep inside and he was riding me.

He got on his back and I sat behind him, ramming myself into his juicy hole, my ass slipping against the sleeping bag fabric. I pulled out, got on my knees and banged him harder than ever.

I got him on his front and slammed him from behind. I had no idea I could thrust that hard and fast.

I pulled out and sprayed like a fire hydrant onto his chest.

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