Tag/Concept: Furry

Having a crazy amount of hair, including hair in atypical places. For example, guys with hairy backs are usually considered "furry".

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BBBH: Fuck, don’t you just love bears? Top or bottom, daddy bears are such a turn on, wouldn’t you agree?

BBBH: Some bottoms can’t masturbate without a big fucking dick all the way up their holes, just like this ;)

BBBH: LOL - This is my attorney! He’s done porn before for Bear Films ;)

BBBH: I’d let this guy piss on me… #GreatTops

HotNakedMuscle: Hot as fuck!

HotNakedMuscle: Hot as fuck!

HotNakedMuscle: Hot as fuck!

MalePrime: Furry/scruffy guys are hot!

MalePrime: Honestly, I have no clue why PETA has such a big problem with fur… It’s hot!

MalePrime: What’s your ideal of a hot, “real man” look like? How about a furry muscle bear?

MalePrime: You wouldn’t think bikini briefs would work on a hairy daddy, but they totally do…

MalePrime: If this guy isn’t your type, you’re crazy! #Hairy #Masculine #RealMan

MalePrime: Woof! Daddy! I want to cuddle up to him at night!

MalePrime: I wish all men looked this good!

MalePrime: Woof! He looks like he’d be a lot of fun!

MalePrime: I want this man in my bed, on top of me!

MalePrime: Love a furry, manly man!