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Date Released:  2020-05-20
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Scene Description:

I was happy to get Zeno Rey back so quickly. He is one sexy dude!

I paired him with Sebastian. We thought he would try bottoming, but we had flight delays and a long exhausting day of waiting, so we just went with Zeno bottoming the entire video. It was great decision, though I am eager to see Zeno topping as well.

They start by making-out, and then Zeno worked his way down to suck on Sebastian's cock. Sebastian then begins to suck Zeno, who laid back to get a nice blow job.

They then moved into a 69-suck position, while Sebastian fingered his hole. He then slid out and rimmed Zeno with deep tongue action.

Zeno gets his ass fucked doggie-style, and then he rids Sebastian's cock.

Like many guys, Zeno finds it easiest to cum on his back. Sebastian pounds his hole as he milks out a tasty load.

Sebastian then breeds his hole, followed by a nice long kiss.

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