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Date Released:  2021-09-15
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Jeremy Robbins is back to fuck another eager bottom, and Mike Branco is jumping at the opportunity!

Jeremy and Mike start by making out on the bed before Mike starts pulling Jeremy's jorts off. Mike helps himself to some cock while Jeremy lays back and enjoys, encouraging him occasionally by placing his hand on the back of Mike's head to help him take his uncut cock to the root.

Jeremy returns the favor by helping Mike strip off most of his clothes before taking Mike's cock out of the side of his underwear and lubing it up with some saliva. Jeremy sucks and throats Mike's cock before Mike lays back so Jeremy has access to his hole.

Jeremy lubes and primes Mike's hungry hole with his tongue and fingers before laying behind Mike and easing his hard cock into Mike's ass. Mike is an experience bottom so he takes it pretty easily, but you can tell Jeremy is enjoying how welcoming and tight Mike's hole is. Jeremy asks Mike to kiss him while they're fucking, and the two make out passionately for a moment before Jeremy gets on his knees to give him access to some deeper penetration.

Jeremy grabs on to Mike's left leg and pounds Mike mercilessly before laying back down on the bed so Mike can ride him cowboy-style. Mike bounces on Jeremy's dick before laying back so Jeremy can give him a little oral action, then Jeremy mounts Mike again missionary-style. Jeremy pile-drives into Mike's hole before pulling out and making his way up to Mike's mouth. Mike blasts a load all over himself and Jeremy rewards Mike with a nut all over his face a neck before scooping some up with his foreskin and feeding it to Mike.

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