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Tag/Concept: Beefy

More than a few extra pounds, but with at least some muscle and not overly fat.

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BBBH: Isn’t this your idea of a perfect camping trip?

BBBH: Hairy and hot as fuck!

BBBH: Don’t you wish it was you fucking that sexy muscle bottom?

BBBH: Gotta love watching a beefy hunk pumping a pale ass full of cum huh?

BBBH: I love the look on his face, he must be loving that dick so bad ;)

BBBH: Trying to find that right spot, that bottom must be loving it so fucking much!

BBBH: Creative! Doesn’t it make you want to try it out next time you want to lube up your bottom with a rimjob?

BBBH: I love when it’s the hairy daddy the one being fucked, don’t you?

BBBH: That’s the face of a cock-loving bottom, isn’t it hot as hell?

BBBH: Do you like your bottom hunks hairy? This one’s sexy as fuck!

BBBH: Spit roasting a muscle hunk, hot or really fucking hot?

BBBH: Don’t you love it when the biggest guy is the one getting fucked?

BBBH: One of the hottest threesomes I’ve watched this year, don’t you agree?

BBBH: Isn’t it fucking hot watching a skinny bottom struggle with his daddy’s cock?

BBBH: Do you like your bottoms hairy? Beefy? Bearded?

BBBH: When was the last time you let your bottom take control?

BBBH: Daddy completely dominating his bottom, and it looks like he’s loving it!

BBBH: Don’t you love watching a slutty skinny bottom getting rammed by a bigger, hairy top?