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When I look at other tops the ones I'm most enthralled by are the muscle daddy tops – like Brad Kalvo in this sce at They just exude topness. So much that even I would bottom for them. In my mind they're the top of the heap when it comes to tops. They've got attitude and looks that match what most bottoms want in a top. In fact, my attempts to get back in shape are me trying to get closer to the muscle daddy ideal.

If the bottom who's paired with a muscle daddy is younger, smaller and submissive, then you've got another of my favorite things – a daddy/boy scene. Nick Tiano may not be all that much younger than Brad, but he's definitely got a "boy" vibe going on. He looks like he'd be an awesome bottom to fuck. And I could totally see him cuddling up with his daddy top in some leather bar somewhere.

At first I was thinking "this isn't a very typical scene for Raw Joxxx", but as I thought about it, it actually is within what you'd expect of that site. Most of the guys on Raw Joxxx are on the athletic side of normal, regular guys – like Nick Tiano. But most of the scenes on the site are shot by Tyler Reed who appears in a bunch of the scenes. While Tyler isn't really "daddy" the way Brad Kalvo is, he is a bit of a daddy compared to the "boys" he fucks, so the whole daddy-boy thing is definitely within what's usual Raw Joxxx. Head over and check it out… If you like watching "regular", "hot" guys fuck, you should really like it…

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