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Have you ever had sex in a public place? A porn shop, like in this scene from TIMFuck, isn't exactly as public as say fucking on the subway or on a bridge, but still, anyone could walk in on you – it's just in a porn shop you know people will probably not object to what they see…

The top in this scene is Bo Bangor. I gotta say he's got a hot masculine vibe to him – so much so that even I might bottom for him. That's how tops are supposed to look and how they're supposed to carry themselves.

The bottom (Ben Venido) is no slouch either – totally the type of take-all-loads cumhole you'd expect in a porn shop. He reminds me of the hundreds of experienced holes who've milked loads out of my dick over the years. They're always a good fuck 'cause they know how to please a top.

So would you bend over in the middle of an ABS to take a load from a hot muscle daddy like Bo Banger? Not sure? Then head over to and watch the full video to get your courage up. The guys at TIMFuck really do make excellent role models :)

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