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The amount of videos that Chaos Men puts out is incredible. They're now over 1600 (!) videos on their site. And they're not schlocky junk – they're high quality stuff with hot guys. Generally they do a lot of jocks, but then they diverge a little bit to other types of hot guys.

Like this scene with Tegan and Vander. I mean how often do you see an otter like Tegan topping a bigger, beefier guy? Usually the little guy is the one bottoming. But I gotta say in most of the pics Tegan seems pretty rigid. He's actually more of a bottom in real life and you can tell he's not 100% "in his skin" when it comes to being a top. It's like he's taking it really seriously to "get it right". In the video (below) you see he's not quite as rigid as he looks in the pics. But after going through all the materials for the scene I just wanted to tell him "relax and enjoy – it's just sex". But I totally get it. It's nerve racking to have cameras aimed at you and have to perform. You worry you won't keep your hardon. You worry you're gonna do something wrong and they won't get the good shot, etc.

But this is definitely a scene for guys who like hairy guys. Both Tegan and Vander have just the right amount of hair in all the right places. Definitely not the hairless jocks that you see a lot these days (even on Chaos Men).

And Vander is a great bottom. You can tell he's just hungry for raw dick. And with that muscled beefy build you know he could take a real pounding if the top dished it out. WOOF!

So whether you like hot hairy guys or smooth muscle jocks, you should check out – you'll like it!

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