Ben Statham on his knees sucking Jake's thick cockNick slides his raw cock into Ben's hungry hole
Nick eats Ben's hole while he works Jake's cock
Nick ready to force hsi raw dick into Jake's beefy ass

If you like real men who don't have pretensions, then you'll love this scene from Bareback That Hole featuring three hot beefy studs – Nick Moretti (the one with hair), Jake Norris (the bigger of the bald guys) and Ben Statham.

What I love is seeing Ben taking raw dick after doing condom porn for so long. Bareback really is better and sooner or later, if you love fucking, you're gonna go raw just 'cause it's hotter and feels 100 times better.

Nick Moretti you probably know – he's been around for a while now and has probably fucked every major bareback bottom in the business (I'm seriously jealous).

The "new guy" is Jake Norris. He's done a little porn, but not all that much. I love his huge beefy muscle build. I'd love to have a body like that, but it's gonna take a lot more work! And I love how he's vers. You expect a guy like that to be a top, but to see him bend over and take dick just goes to show how hot it is for "real men" to get fucked raw and take loads.

If you could have sex with only one of them, which would you pick? It's a hard choice, right? In the meantime, head over to and see them all in hot bareback action. It's a great site for hot "regular" guys…

Ben and Nick kiss while Jake slides hsi raw cock up Ben's ass

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