Draven Caine and Drake Tyler flexing their biceps
Draven Caine laying on his back in bliss from a great blowjob
Drake Tyler in pain as he gets fucked raw

It's funny – despite all the hysteria by some straight guys about gay sex, when presented with a hard cock and a willing hole, they seem to be able to figure it out and even enjoy themselves. Such is the case with Draven Caine who loses his "gay virginity" in this scene from Broke Straight Boys.

Being straight he tops, though he does try kissing and sucking dick. I don't really expect straight guys to get fucked the first time they have sex with another guy. But honestly, kissing is kissing, and fucking a guy's ass is pretty much like fucking a girl's ass, and if he's gotten a blowjob then he should know how to give one… And my favorite – if he doesn't use a condom with the chicks he fucks, why would he use one with the dudes he fucks? It's not like he's gonna make the guy pregnant.

The bottom is Drake Tyler I think he's a straight guy who's learned to take dick. While that may sound wrong, "straight" and "gay" are about who you have committed relationships with, not who you have sex with. So Drake wants to settle down with a girl, but wants to get fucked by guys on the side. Big deal. His wife just needs to get over any jealousy. It's not like he's cheating with another woman and might wind up having to pay child support, etc.

The two of them look like total "good 'ol boys" in that first pic (and another one I didn't use). Looks like they're on some horse farm in Kentucky or something. I grew up in place like that. I know these sorts of guys pretty well. And the creosote fences… It's all really familiar… (Though I think creosote is illegal now).

If you like seeing straight guys getting broken in to gay sex, head over to BrokeStraightBoys.com – the guys are hot, and these days the sex is 100% bareback!

smooth muscle guy legs up getting fucked
Draven Tyler roars as he blows his load while getting fucked
Muscle top feeds his raw dick into a willing upturned assCum everywhere!

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