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It's one thing to take a load from a top, but what does it mean when you bottom for a cumdump and take his load? That's exactly the scenario hot jock Blake Daniels finds himself in, in this scene from Lucas Entertainment. I mean everyone knows Blue Bailey is a cumdump - he did a video with exactly that title. And even in this video he has Blake cum in his ass. So if he's a cumdump for anyone and everyone, what does it mean for Blake that he's now a cumdump's cumdump?

Actually, it's even a bit more complicated with Blake and Blue Bailey – they're boyfriends in real life. So the question with them, is what does it mean when everyone and everyone has fucked your boyfriend and cum in his ass? Just one indiscretion like that is enough for most couples to break up. But thousands of them? I gotta say I like how at least gay relationships aren't following the heterosexual norms. We don't have to worry about raising kids that may not be ours. Monogamy just isn't something that gay guys need to worry about. So what if your boyfriend goes out and has 20 guys fuck him in a night? That sounds like a perfect relationship to me!

Personally I think it's really hot when a cumdump passes on all the DNA he's collected from the thousands of guys who've cum in his ass over the years. I like it when bottoms flip and start topping. To me their loads are just a bit more special. Who cares if they don't have the biggest dick. As long as they can get the job done - it's about the load, not the cock (at least IMHO).

Have you ever taken a load from a cumdump? If not, maybe you should put that on your bucket list of things to do sexually. In the meantime head over to and watch the full video. We build our #BBBH community by giving and taking loads. So cumdumps giving loads only makes sense. It's giving back to the community that's been so good to them over the years.

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