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When you think of Kristen Bjorn you probably think of plucked and primped hairless muscle guys in weird poses. Well, since Kristen Bjorn has started doing more bareback they've gotten more "real" in what type of guys they feature. Yeah, they're still pretty muscular, but they aren't always so "pretty".

Take, for example, this scene with Jalil Jafar (the bottom in the pic above), and Felipe Ferro. Both of them are "real hairy men". Jalil has a good body, but it's not overly muscular. He's definitely a "real man". And I think it's hot that Kristen Bjorn is featuring a Middle Eastern guy – you don't see many of those in gay porn.

Felipe Ferro is just fuckin' hot. For starters he's an excellent bottom (see the pics below), but he's got this massive, thick dick which makes him a pretty incredible top as well. And that furry chest… You could get your fingers lost in all that fur!

So, if you like hairy guys, but haven't liked Kristen Bjorn in the past, check it again out and give it another shot… You just mike like it!

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