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I always find it hot when Broke Straight Boys gets hot, straight jocks to bend over and take raw dick. You look at their faces and they're just going through the motions in order to take money home to their wives & girlfriends to pay the bills.

This scene is totally cool. They have Drake Tyler – a "straight bottom" – for the bottom. He loves getting fucked so much that he has his girlfriend fuck him with a strap on. But you can tell from watching the video and looking at the pics that a big part of what he gets off on is the pain of getting fucked. He really relishes every moment of it. He wants the biggest dick possible so he can have the most pain possible. And he's a smooth muscle jock, which makes it all the hotter.

Now, if I were his girlfriend I might worry a bit. I mean will her strap-on really ever satisfy him like a guy's cock will? You know he gonna be going around taking dick from guys left and right while they're together. He may really love her and want to build a life with a woman, but you just know monogamy isn't going to be part of their relationship.

The top is a gay guy – Trevor Laster. He's got a really incredible tattoo on his back that you can't see in the pics here. Take a look at the video below to see it – it's very hot! And he's a good top too. And cute as a button.

So do you like the pain of getting fucked? Or do you just like bottoms who are in pain when they're getting fucked? If so, head over to and watch the full video. Given how many straight guys they have getting fucked over there (they've been doing a lot of videos for a lot of years), you'll find plenty to satisfy your pain fetish…

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