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Who doesn’t love gloryholes? Whatever side of the wall you decide to be in, the idea of dumping or taking a load from a complete stranger is just too fucking hot! This scene makes sure to cater for whatever your preference is when it comes to visiting gloryholes by having super-hung Lito Cruz and sexy bottom Nick Andrews giving us hot as fuck scene that I’m sure will have you scouting for local gloryholes to have fun in (if you haven’t already!), the guys at Raw Fuck Club really outdid themselves with this video.

Can you imagine peering through the hole and discovering Nick’s inviting mouth tantalizingly open as his tongue’s begging for your cock? There’s a mental image to keep you hard for weeks. Lito’s happy to let him have a taste of his massive shlong as Nick expertly worships his cock through the hole, teasing lips wrapped around it as he takes more and more of it deep down his throat. Once his cock is well lubed it’s time for Nick to turn around, bending over and offering his tight ass to Lito, who is eager to oblige and stuff his gigantic cock deep inside his ass! Moments of hot ass-fucking later, they decide to finally step into the same room. Nick spreads his legs for Lito as he holds them up and completely wrecks his tight ass with a relentless pounding that soon has Nick moaning like a slut as Lito manages more and more of his cock inside of him until he’s pumping him full of cum!

This scene has just too much stuff to love, be it the hot gloryhole action or if you’re into daddies with huge dicks fucking young cubs raw, jockstraps, muscles, beards… you get the point: it’s fucking hot! Make sure to visit for this and many other hot as fuck bareback videos! And while we're at it, have you ever visited a gloryhole? Would you fuck a total stranger raw? Would you take a load from a stranger? Share you experiences and let us know!

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Lito's bare cock fucking Nick's hot ass