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I honestly think TIMFuck provides some great role models for gay men. Whether you wanna be a cumdump like Dawson or Christian, or just a sexy motherfucker like Drew Sumrok and Luke Thomas in this scene.

The role models Treasure Island puts forward are achievable by a lot of guys. Yeah, it may take hours in the gym to get a body like Drew or Luke, but that's good for your health. And it may take hours at sex parties and at bathhouses being a cumdump, but that's a social activity which is far better than sitting home alone watching TV. The point is barebacking is about as normal and natural as it gets. There's a reason why you're happier when you're barebacking than when you're abstaining.

And Treasure Island's role models aren't cookie cutter. Yeah, they're all pigs, but the pigs come in a whole bunch of different shapes and sizes. I mean you can be heavily tatted like Luke, or the boy-next-door with zero tats. The point is to take care of your body and be completely uninhibited when you have sex.

It is hot seeing such a heavily tattooed pig fucking like Luke fucking a hot muscle boy like Drew… You want the same thing for your sex life, right? So get off your ass, get to the gym, and then fuck like there's no tomorrow! And when you're too tired to workout and fuck, head over to and get some pointers from your role models – you know you wanna live like they do. So make it happen!

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