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I've never met Peto Coast. From his pics and videos he strikes me as a bit of a messy pig, but when it comes to sex that can be a good thing. And with with a huge uncut cock like he has, honestly who cares if he's a bit messy. Bottoms just want that perfect cock deep inside their guts. But the question is, is getting fucked by Peto enough? What would you do to actually get his load in you? That's pretty much the premise of this video from Wurst Film Club where three bottoms compete to get Peto's load.

If I were Peto I'd blow my load in the one that made my dick feel the best. And that's not always the "hottest" bottom. It's why I'm not very picky about who I fuck – 'cause sometimes the ugly guys have incredible holes that just massage my cock perfectly.

Though I wouldn't call any of the bottoms in this video ugly – far from it. There's Rod Painter, Magnus and Slotmachine. And no, don't ask me which is which. I haven't a clue. But the three of them really put out in an effort to win Peto's load – to the point of getting fisted.

To find out who actually got the load you'll have to head over to – there's tons of sleazy porn over there. I bet you'll like it!

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