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If you know anything about bareback porn, then you know the name Dark Alley. It's one of the most popular brands with hot muscley bareback pigs being what they're known for. Well, when they first started they were also known for fisting since Mattias Von Fistenberg was one of the founders (he was Owen Hawk's boyfriend at the time). Well, Mattias is still around, but Dark Alley is mostly run by Owen these days and he's found his success in straight up bareback – Raw Fuck Club has done a lot better for them than the "Darkroom" site they had which was more about fisting.

So… they've been working on rebranding the darkroom site and it's been relaunched as  Dark Alley XT.  (If you're wondering, XT stands for Xtreme). It will probably still have the occasional fisting scene on it, but it's now mostly bareback. You may wonder what separates it from Raw Fuck Club – well, it will be a more hardcore site than RFC. My take on it is that it's about "power exchange", control, and a more forceful style of sex than you find on RFC. It's also a bit more sleazy (though that's a hard quality to define).

As you can see from this scene it still features the hot muscle pigs that Dark Alley is known for. In this scene you have Mario Domenech bottoming for Antonio Miracle. Mario reminds me a lot of Draven Torres, so given that Draven is one of my favorite porn stars, I've got a total crush on Mario as well.

Antonio, the top, you can't see very much in the pics, but he's hot as well. Like Mario he's a tattooed pig with attitude. I love how he works over Mario and makes him his bitch.

So, check out and see what you think of the changes… I think the site is really hot and they're definitely going in the right direction!

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