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The guys over at Butch Dixon turned stereotypes on their head with this video. Usually it's the daddy that's fucking and breeding the boy. But in this video daddy bottom Freddy Miller gets fucked by a boy named "Delta Kobra". (Something tells me that's not his real name).

Not only is Freddy older than Delta, but he's considerably bigger. It's gotta be a bit like fucking Goliath for Delta. That may seem odd, but why not? I mean for a big guy to submit to the will (and the dick) of a little top makes him super submissive and an awesome bottom. And for a little top to want to fuck a significantly bigger guy who could probably flip him, pin him to the bed and rape his ass – well, that takes a level of confidence that makes him a great top.

The only thing I can find that's "wrong" with the scene is that they jack off and waste their loads. I mean if Freddy was going to submit to Delta he should have taken his load.

Oh, and isn't Freddy's hairy ass a thing of total beauty? Woof!

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